Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I Won!

I bid on some table overlays on ebay and won the auction! Usually I lose because I forget to go back and make the last minute bid. I am excited to get the table cloths in so that I can get a feel for the color and hopefully put them to good use. We'll have approximately 7 rounds (seating 8 each) and 7 cocktails (because I like odd numbers). I won 10 overlays, so I am also in the market for some lime green organza ones to mix in. Keep your eyes peeled.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


As many, or all, of you know Mike and I got engaged 1 month ago today. Needless to say, that month has been wonderful, crazy, fabulous, fun, stressful, and long all at the same time!
I have been quite busy - the ceremony/reception site is booked (Twigs Tempietto - Greenville, SC). Twigs is full service so this also takes care of the flowers, food, tables, chairs, and linens. I have posted a photo here. In addition the photographer is booked (, band booked (Ross Holmes Band), time and date set (May 15 - 7pm), bridesmaids dresses were ordered and have arrived (j.crew), and now I am moving on to tasting cakes and deciding on a design and looking at hotels to make a block of rooms.
As far as I can tell, I am about 2 months ahead in my planning except looking for a wedding dress. Once everyone else is taken care of, I will focus on myself. Plus, I hope to lose some weight in the mean time. Speaking of which, I have officially started Weight Watchers. I'm one day in and I feel pretty good. I need to start exercising, but the heat is a real downer.
I am going to post some pictures of cakes that I am interested in. Let me know what you think.

Ok - neither would look exactly like these, but similar. The polka dots would be turquoise majority and lime green minority with the ribbon. The floral cake would be a four tier and would have a monogram instead of the bow. I love the floral cake, but I don't think it "goes with" the rest of the wedding.
I am also working on my programs. My interpretation of the program is a raffia fan. An example below.

Again, my interpretation is different. I have ordered some fans to "play with" but I'm planning to paint them silver (chic...I know!) and then attach a program to it.
Finally, last night I did the most cliche thing you can do...I created a webpage on I felt like I needed to give into some of the kooky things out there! Check us out at
Hopefully I'll have more details to post soon!