Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Week 2

So much has happened since Saturday. It kind of makes my head spin. I looked at a house at 2pm on Friday and made an offer within 3 hours. On Saturday, I found out the the offer was accepted, so I have been applying for loans, getting an inspection, worrying about being in debt, and of course, decorating in my head! Hopefully all will go well this week, and I'll be on the road to home ownership.

Here are a couple of photos -

With such a nice yard, I am sure that the skinny diva in me will get a work out! Speaking of my inner skinny - good news to report. Over the past week i have lost 1.8 lbs! Here is an update:

  • Weight - 228.8
  • Walked to lunch yesterday instead of having Mike bring it to me (thanks Lindsay!)
  • Chose grapes over fries at Chick-Fil-A

I did get a chance to walk yesterday, and it is amazing how much better I slept. I will do that again today. At the new house, there is a sidewalk that goes up Pendleton Road - I think that will be a great place to walk!

Work I will post more updates soon.

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