Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ever since LuLu arrived and my mom brought her dog, Annie, to visit, Frank (cat) has refused to come downstairs. He was quite curious (obviously!) and adventurous and decided to watch LuLu from the ledge of the staircase. Luckily, yesterday Frank did venture downstairs for food and water and hopefully will continue to come around.

LuLu is a HOT MESS! She had quite a day yesterday - peed on her brand new bed, climbed through the fence to get into the "dog yard," and managed to cover herself in red mud. Needless to say, she got a bath. I also bought her a pink t-shirt and some toys from Old Navy and a nylabone - which she loves. Thank goodness she is chewing less on my hands and feet and more on it! She also had a fairly successful night in her crate - perhaps 3 nights is a charm?!

Today Mike took LuLu to the vet for her 2nd round of shots. Apparently she showed herself and acted a fool while there. I am not surprised! The vet, however, doesn't see any basset hound in her and thinks we've got a full beagle on our hands! I am thankful that maybe she will not get as big...we will see.

I am looking forward to going home at lunch to play with her - she really enjoys that time, and honestly, it is nice to get away from work everyday. Thank you, LuLu for giving me an excuse!

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